SalesCandy™ Early Adopter Closes Sales in Record Time

Slightly over three weeks of rolling out SalesCandy to our first Early Adopter, one of them has successfully closed their first property sales with the SalesCandy app.  

The salesperson responsible for this record called within 28 minutes of the lead submission from their Facebook Lead Ad. Booking fee for the sold unit was made after a visit to the sales gallery.  This entire process took place in only nine days - less than the average time it takes for other property developers (which are not using SalesCandy) to make their first call to their incoming online lead.  

The most prominent feedback from the salesperson is that the leads they call are wowed by how fast they get a call after submitting an inquiry. We have tracked many occurrences whereby a sales lead gets a call within five minutes of lead submission.



SalesCandy is one of five winners of the HLB Launchpad Program.  As a winner of the program, we are given an opportunity to develop a prototype with Hong Leong Bank for their mortgage department to test the effectiveness of SalesCandy on financial products.

At the time of this post, SalesCandy has been rolled out to OSK Property and Hap Seng Land and we will be going live for Tropicana Corporation Sdn Bhd today.

We are so confident that our solution will help our clients close more sales that if the clients do not see any improvement in closing sales within 60 days, we would return 100% of their money.

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