SalesCandy™ Raised Target Amount through ECF Platform pitchIN

SalesCandy has successfully raised the total target amount of RM1,501,038 through the equity crowdfunding platform pitchIN. We managed to reach 200.15% above our minimum funding target of RM749,948.


The campaign attracted steady interests from the start. It wasn't a big surprise that by the end of the 45th day, it was oversubscribed. 54 investors have funded this campaign for a total of 10% stake in the company.

SalesCandy's successful campaign on the ECF platform is a social proof of our business idea and model. When we first approached pitchIN, SalesCandy was merely a concept presented in a Power Point slide. Fast forward four months to now, we have five corporate clients and are processing an average of 200 leads per day. We have helped our clients closed over 20 property sales in the last six weeks. 

Equity crowdfunding is a proven method for startups and SMEs to raise funds from the general public. Investors search for deals on ECF platforms to invest in businesses in exchange for a direct equity stake in those businesses. This opens up startup investment to the general public instead of just limited to venture capitals and high net worth individuals.


pitchIN is registered with the Securities Commission of Malaysia as a Recognised Market Operator (RMO) for the purpose of offering Equity Crowdfunding related services. Founded in 2012, pitchIN has become the most successful equity crowdfunding platform in South East Asia. The success of SalesCandy marks pitchIN's tenth deal of the year 2017.

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