SalesCandy™ Rolls Out Major v1.1 Upgrade


One of the beauties of going with a SaaS (Software as a Service) subscription-based CRM is that your system gets upgraded automatically as new features are rolled out.  

8 weeks after the launching of v1.0 on August 14, 2017, SalesCandy rolled out its very first major upgrade (v1.1) yesterday. This rollout comes with a lot of strengthening of the current system, additional features, and user interface upgrades.  We also rolled out a new version of the mobile app (v1.1) to Google Play Store.

Some of the major features of this rollout include:

  • Phone number is validated and automatically reformatted to international format unless it is an invalid number

  • ‎SalesCandy will check if the phone number is a mobile number and will allow/disallow automated SMS notification and SMS feature on the mobile app accordingly

  • ‎Allow Project Manager to disable automated SMS notification to international numbers

  • App Status enhancement and introduction of "In-Action" status when salesperson is attending to leads

  • ‎Salesperson may now search and claim unassigned leads on the mobile app (this will be rolled out next week during the v1.1.1 patch)

  • ‎Salesperson may transfer his/her leads to another salesperson in the same project

  • ‎Salesperson may request lead transfer from other salesperson and this will notify the current owner of the lead to perform a lead transfer

  • ‎Better synchronization of Action Log between the mobile app and the server

  • ‎Enhancement of routing algorithm to eliminate double assignment of leads, salesperson routing chance handling and the round robin mechanism

  • ‎Allow single landing page multiple projects routing by dropdown selection

  • ‎Additional field mapping during lead submission

  • ‎Better handling of duplicated leads (this will be rolled out next week during the v1.1.1 patch)

  • ‎Support for different industries in Action Status and Won Screen

  • ‎Enhancement to Smart Alert for Project Managers to get proactive alerts on the mobile app of issues that may impact sales performance

  • ‎Simplification of lead source setup interface

  • Manager portal and mobile app to support multiple accounts login

  • ‎Better reporting

    • Grouping of salesperson performance report and lead source performance reports

    • Allow more options before generating reports

    • Separating UTM tags from lead source in reporting

  • Lead management

    • Rename Lead Queue to Unassigned Leads and Lead Management to Assigned Leads for better representation of the lists

If you are looking for a CRM or lead management system that instantly routes leads to your salesperson's phone and automatically reroute it to the next available salesperson if it is unattended after 45 seconds, please contact us.