SalesCandy secures contracts in Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam & Indonesia

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We are extremely pleased to announce that 18 months after the first launch in our home country, Malaysia, we have successfully set foot in Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam. We bagged multiple contracts across Southeast Asia in the first quarter of 2019 and now gearing up our operation to support the regional expansion.

Stanley Chee, our CEO & co-founder said:

“Southeast Asia has a combined population of more than 650 million. While the business activities and smartphone penetration in the region are on the rise, the adoption of digital solutions and technology among the business communities, especially in sales management, are still lagging behind. There are definitely plenty of opportunities for SalesCandy and we are confident that our product will help businesses improve their sales productivity by closing more sales and bringing down cost per sale.”

Our maiden product, SalesCandy LMS features a mobile app action-based Lead Management System (LMS) with a real-time routing mechanism that allows a salesperson to respond to enquiries coming from multiple online and offline channels within 5 minutes. This is on top of the already comprehensive Lead Management features that take the administrative hassle off of the sales team while providing productivity and campaign effectiveness insights to both sales and marketing managers. With each contract we offer a money back guarantee for clients who do not see a 15% sales improvement within three months.

Our COO & Co-Founder, Jeffry Chan also added that:

“At the moment, a majority of our clients are from the property industry. We are hopeful that we will be able to see more contracts come in from the banking and insurance industries with the launching of our new products in this second half of the year - which will address the data security concerns which are vital to these industries.”

SalesCandy LMS (lead management system) app is currently available in four languages namely English, Thai, Vietnamese, and Bahasa Indonesia. We aim to triple revenue this year by strengthening our foothold in the five markets we serve.

With regards to our future plans, SalesCandy has a bigger vision apart from its regional expansion.

“Banking and property are two very closely-knitted industries where their sales operations intertwine at the mortgage stage. If we are able to create tighter coordination between the property developers, real estate agencies, and the banks, we will greatly improve and shorten the sales journey of home buyers - from the point where they book a unit to getting a mortgage loan. In the next 3 to 12 months, we will centre our product rollout around developing an ecosystem that helps both our banking and property clients to bridge the missing links, improve sales service level, and ultimately, close more sales.” said Stanley.

SalesCandy strives to be the catalyst for raising the service level of sales operations through smart technology. Click here for a free demo session of SalesCandy LMS with our friendly consultant. Or if you are keen to be part of us, check out the openings here.

P.S: Special thanks to e27, Bernama for the coverage!