Tropicana Corporation Berhad First to Adopt SalesCandy™

Pioneer in resort-style home concepts, Tropicana Corporation Berhad is the first Early Adopter to hop on board SalesCandy™ to successful lead and sales performance management in February 2017.

Tropicana Corporation Berhad


Tropicana Corporation Berhad has a strong track record in residential and commercial developments, it consistently provides customers with attractive and sustainable developments while extracting high value from the land they develop. 
Incorporated in 1979, Tropicana Group also successfully manages a realm of businesses that includes property and resort development, property investments, manufacturing and investment holding. This large scale of successful ventures propelled the Group onto the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia in 1992. 
The adventurous Tropicana Corporation Berhad is always looking to explore new possibilities in technology. With more than two decades of experiences in various businesses, and a property collection which spans strategically across Malaysia, Tropicana Corp has adopted a new and exciting SalesCandy™ app to revolutionise the way it manages leads, sales team performances, and marketing expenditures. 

What is SalesCandy™?

SalesCandy™ is a lead and sales performance management solution that would encourage prompt lead follow-up while improving accountability in salespeople of various industries. As a result, you can generate high quality leads that convert to sales with efficient marketing campaigns, instead of high volume of underperforming leads which leads to low sales staff morale and burnout.

SalesCandy™ is capable of instantly routing leads from Facebook Lead Ads and websites like iProperty, PropertyGuru, and The Edge Property. It also comes with an Instant Auditing feature that is not found in any other CRM in the market.

SalesCandy's Key Benefits:

  • Increase Sales Conversions

    • Route Leads to Your Sales Team Instantly

    • Don’t Miss Out Any Leads

    • Make Your Prospects Love You

  • Track Salespeople and Lead Performances

    • Have the Latest Technology Work for You

    • Update Lead Status with Just Three-Clicks

    • Meaningful Metrics to Manage Your Sales Team

  • Have Peace of Mind

    • Identify Issues As It Happens

    • Lose Your Phone, Not the Leads

    • Keep Your Sales Process Going

  • Improve Marketing ROI

    • Track Cost per Call-Through, Cost per Walk-In, and Cost per Sales

    • Improve Lead Quality and Salespeople’s Morale

    • Justify Your Marketing Expenditure

SalesCandy™will officially launch in August 2017.

Discover how companies that invest in lead generation campaigns from various industries can benefit from SalesCandy™.