This is our commitment to you.

We get frustrated at vendors who do not return phone calls or reply emails.  We are committed to your success and the following is our committed response time to you.


We will reply all your emails, except spams, within 1 working day from receipt of email. If the team member you are trying to contact is on leave, there will be an auto-responder with back-to-office date and the team member will reply on the day he or she is back at work.

Candyholic mobile phone

You can expect us to answer your call to our mobile phone during working hours. However, if we miss your call and the number is recognizable, we will call back within 1 working day. If the team member you are trying to contact is on leave or unable to attend to your call, your call will be forwarded to our office phone line.

SalesCandy hotline (Malaysia +6011-5500-2828)

You can expect an answer on this line during 9:30am to 5:30pm, except for lunch hours (12:30pm to 1:30pm), weekends and public holidays.

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Instant messengers

This is the informal way to contact us. We will respond if we are available online. However, we may miss your messages. For important and urgent matters, please contact us via emails or phone calls.