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SalesCandy™ is a real-time Lead Management System (LMS) that was designed to instantly route leads to the salesperson’s phone. Unattended leads will be automatically rerouted to the next available salesperson after 45 seconds. After each action taken, the salesperson could update the lead status with just three simple clicks.

SalesCandy tracks various actionable metrics like Salesperson Available Rate, Salesperson Lead Acceptance Rate, First Response Time, Call-Through Rate, Walk-in Rate, and Closing Rate to provide full insights to the sales and marketing managers. It also comes with a Smart Alert feature that would instantly audit every single lead status update and alert the managers of any possible follow-up issues.

We are so confident that our solution will help our clients close more sales that if the clients do not see any improvement in closing sales within 60 days, we would return 100% of their money.

Instant Routing, Auto Rerouting, and Smart Alert are SalesCandy’s patent-pending innovations.


20 Mar 2019

Current Version

Requires Android

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