Identify Issues As It Happens

The Smart Alert feature is heaven-sent for sales managers as it would instantly audit every single lead status update and alert the sales managers of any possible follow-up issues.

For example, when a salesperson has failed to follow up with a lead for more than a preset duration, the sales manager will be notified and immediate actions can be taken before the lead turns cold.


Never Lose Your Leads

All data is synchronised securely and backed up in the cloud so that even if the a salesperson lost their phone, all the data will still be there and can be restored to a new device instantly. 

Keep Your Sales Process Going

What happens to the sales process when your salespeople went on a long vacation or maternity leave? Do you wait for them to follow-up after 2 months and hope for the best? SalesCandy™ makes this transition very simple for you - it takes only a few clicks for you to reassign leads from an absent salesperson to another.

All previous interactions with the leads are stored in the Action Log of each lead.No leads will be lost in the process and the new salesperson can pick up where the other left off.