Track Cost per Call-Through, Cost per Walk-In, and Cost per Sales

When leads are routed in from different lead sources and marketing channels, SalesCandy™ tracks their journey from web enquiries to call-through, sales gallery walk-in, and all the way to sales conversion.

This will provide you with insights into the whole sales journey and allows you to determine which marketing channels have higher call-through, walk-in, and sales closing rate.

Improve Lead Quality and Salespeople’s Morale

A full insight into the sales journey will prevent marketeers from falling into the trap of chasing after more and more leads while ignoring lead quality. By analyzing the lead data, you will learn about which marketing campaigns worked and which didn’t.

You can then optimize your marketing campaigns to reduce the number of leads but with an increase in quality and overall sales conversions. Thus, you’d generate higher quality leads and reduce call rejections, which would in turn improve staff morale and encourage prompt calling of new leads.

Justify Your Marketing Expenditure

We firmly believe that your investment in marketing campaigns should result in sales conversions.

With SalesCandy’s end-to-end tracking on all lead sources, projects, and sales conversions, you will be able to make informed decisions when allocating marketing budgets.