UBER Style Lead Routing

All incoming leads are instantly routed to the salespeople who are online and available to call the leads immediately. Unattended leads will be automatically routed to the next available salesperson after 45 seconds.

It is proven that prompt follow-ups leave good first impressions on prospective buyers, strengthens customer relations and increases chances of lead conversion. According to The Conversion Code by Chris Smith, an online lead contacted within five minutes has 100 times better chances of being qualified than one contacted after 30 minutes.

Don’t Miss Out Any Leads

Integration can be done by inserting our CandyPixel into websites, web enquiry forms and landing pages that you have control over. We also have API integration for leads captured on third party marketing channels such as Facebook lead ads and other industry-specific platforms.

If your marketing channels do not support CandyPixel and API integrations, you can opt for integration via email notification by simply forwarding a notification email to a designated email account provided by SalesCandy™. After which, all of your leads can be instantly accessed from a single-point - SalesCandy™.


Treat Your Leads Like VIP

When prospective client, Tom, submits his web enquiry about a new property launch, an auto-generated SMS is sent to him from the salesperson’s phone. Moments later, he receives a call from Jerry the salesperson. Whenever Tom calls Jerry, SalesCandy™ will recognise his number without it being saved on the phone. SalesCandy’s framework ensures that Tom will get prompt follow-ups from Jerry throughout the sales process.