Have the Latest Technology Work for You

All the LMS available in the market are record-based. They rely solely on the salesperson’s discipline in updating the LMS in a timely manner. Whereas SalesCandy™ is action-based and would automatically update lead statuses with the actions taken by the salespeople.

Update Lead Status with Just Three-Clicks

Simple and efficient three-click process for rapid updates on follow-up actions and lead statuses. Without the hassle of updating a separate LMS or spreadsheet on a different device, a salesperson needs only a single device where he/she can focus on winning leads. SalesCandy™ aims to enable salespeople to be fully functional with just a smart phone and one app.

Meaningful Metrics to Manage Your Sales Team

Do you know how long your salespeople take to call a lead? How many call attempts are made before they labelled them as “not reachable”? Do you know if they had actually called the leads? SalesCandy™ will tell you as it tracks various actionable metrics like Salesperson Online Rate, Lead Acceptance Rate, Average Time to First Call, Average Call Length, Average Calls per Lead, Sales Conversion Rate, etc.