Have the Latest Technology Work for You

All the Lead Management System (LMS) available in the market are record-based. They rely solely on the salesperson’s discipline in updating the LMS in a timely manner. Whereas SalesCandy™ is action-based and would automatically update lead statuses with the actions taken by the salespeople.

Update Lead Status with Just Three-Clicks

Simple and efficient three-click process for rapid updates on follow-up actions and lead statuses. Without the hassle of updating a separate LMS or spreadsheet on a different device, a salesperson needs only a single device where he/she can focus on winning leads. SalesCandy™ aims to enable salespeople to be fully functional with just a smart phone and one app.

Meaningful Metrics to Manage Your Sales Team

SalesCandy™ tracks various actionable metrics like Salesperson Online Rate, Lead Acceptance Rate, Average First Response Time, Average Call Length, Average Calls per Lead, Sales Conversion Rate, etc.