We guarantee a 15% improvement in your sales conversion rate within 60 days.


Unprecedented first response time.

SalesCandy® is a SalesTech startup that focuses on delivering cutting edge solutions to improve sales team performance. Our proprietary maiden app, SalesCandy® LMS, has helped our clients reduce their first response time from an average of 5.5 days to less than five minutes during routing hours.


Supported languages

English, Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia), Thai (ภาษาไทย), and Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt)


Full visibility in your lead-to-sale process.

Our co-founders, Stanley Chee and Jeffry Chan, saw that there is a lack of visibility in the status of the leads that digital marketing agencies generate for their Lead-to-Sale (L2S) clients. They have decided to take on the problem and SalesCandy was born.

Within 18 months of launch, the app helped 28 clients improve their sales closing rate by more than 15%. Today, SalesCandy operates in five countries — Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines

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Lead-to-sale (L2S) industries that we are serving:


Banking & Insurance


Real estate


Private education




Health & Wellness


Our patent-pending solution.


SalesCandy® LMS

Fast. Superb.

A real-time lead management system that instantly routes leads to the salesperson’s phone. Unattended leads will be automatically rerouted to the next available salesperson in seconds. We guarantee a 15% improvement in sales conversion rate within 60 days from implementation using our patent-pending technology.

We are very happy with the great impression we gave our potential customers when we call them just minutes after they’ve enquired.
— Deputy Sales Manager, Hap Seng Land

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Our clients.


From clients who love us.

We had problems getting into immediate contact with our prospects and keeping tabs on the entire prospecting and sales cycle. As a result of using SalesCandy, we have achieved a quicker response time to prospects and a better understanding of our sales cycle. SalesCandy’s ease of deployment and cost-effectiveness make it stand out amongst other similar systems.
— Deputy General Manager, Tropicana Corporation Berhad
SalesCandy could track the status & performance of each sales consultant which is insightful to the sales managers.
— Sales Manager, OSK Property
Before we discovered SalesCandy, our sales process was tedious and unorganized. Now, we have organized enquiries, trackable records, and shortened response time. We are very happy with SalesCandy’s ability to monitor staff performances and the great impression we gave our potential customers when we call them just minutes after they’ve enquired.
— Deputy Sales Manager, Hap Seng Land
Prior to using SalesCandy, there was a lot manual work. We needed to chase the salespeople for reports in Excel sheets which was very tiring and time consuming. Life is so much easier now that I am able to monitor the sales progress daily with the SalesCandy Manager Portal
— Agency Director, Manulife Financial
SalesCandy has helped us in streamlining our leads management process. It used to take almost 24 hours before we were able to contact any leads generated by our social media and now it takes less than 1 minute to do so. In an industry where every second wasted counts, we are impressed with their system!
— Satisfied SalesCandy Client

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