Why SalesCandy?


Do you know how long your salespeople take to contact your online leads? If a lead submitted an enquiry on Friday at 10am, what time would the lead be contacted? How many times do your salespeople call each lead? Do you even know if they called at all?

If your answers to the questions above are "no" or "I'm not sure" - we need to talk.

SalesCandy™ is an action-based Sales Performance and Lead Management System (LMS) which automatically updates lead statuses with the actions taken by the salespeople. It is capable of instant-routing online leads from any lead source directly to the salespeople’s mobile phones to be attended immediately. Unattended leads will be automatically rerouted to the next available salesperson after 45 seconds.

SalesCandy tracks various actionable metrics like Salesperson Online Rate, Lead Acceptance Rate, Average Time to First Call, Sales Conversion Rate, etc. to provide full insights to the sales managers. It also comes with a Smart Alert feature that would instantly audit every single lead status update and alert the sales managers of any possible follow-up issues. This feature is not found in any other LMS in the market.

We are so confident that our solution will help our clients close more sales that if the clients do not see any improvement in closing sales within 60 days, we would return 100% of their money.

Instant Routing, Auto Rerouting, and Smart Alert are SalesCandy’s patent pending innovations.


Key Benefits


Increase sales conversion

• Route leads to your sales team instantly so you don’t miss out any leads.
• Make your prospects love you.


Track Salespeople & Lead Performances

• Have the latest technology work for you with meaningful metrics to manage your sales team.
• Easily update lead status with just three-clicks.


Have Peace of Mind

• Identify issues as it happens.
• Never lose your leads.
• Keep your sales process going.


Improve Marketing ROI

• Track cost per call-through, cost per walk-in, and cost per sales.
• Improve lead quality and salespeople’s morale.
• Justify your marketing expenditure.


Other Features



SalesCandy™ displays a prospective buyer’s details on the caller screen when they call. So that when a prospective buyer calls the salesperson, the salesperson can immediately recognise the buyer without having to save the number on the phone beforehand.



At any event, a salesperson with SalesCandy™ can instantly look up a registered guest’s name on the app and respond to their requests. For those who are not on the database, the salesperson can promptly register for them with the mobile app. This feature allows you to track which lead sources brought in the walk-in prospective buyers.


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